Digi CM Series Dual AC Console Server

Product Overview

Secure, reliable in- and out-of-band management for servers, routers, switches, firewalls and other network equipment

The Digi CM provides secure access to any network device, even when the network is down. Users can monitor and control their devices from anywhere using the corporate TCP/IP network, the Internet or dial-up modem connections.

This easy-to-use console management tool is ideal for managing servers, routers, switches and any network device
with a serial port.

Automatic Device Recognition auto-configures attached devices and populates the Title page with device details. This
feature monitors the ports and sends alerts for disconnected or down devices.


– Sun, Cisco, IBM, HP, UNIX®, Linux® and Microsoft Windows Server® compatible
– TACACS+, RADIUS, LDAP, Kerberos, local user database provide centralized authentication
– SSH v2 ensures secure access
– Secure clustering allows multi-server access via one IP address
– Port buffering/logging for easy troubleshooting
– Straight-through CAT5 cabling for easy, hassle-free server connections
– PC Card slot for increased flash, or additional Ethernet/modem connection
– Email/pager alerts and SNMP traps



DIGI CM 48 Dual AC Console Server for Secure Device Managment

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DIGI CM 48 Dual AC Console Server for Secure Device Managment

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