Optoelectronic Sensors

Our Sensors portfolio is all about sensing – both light sensing and non-optical methods such as radar. We offer optoelectronic sensors and switches for a range of industrial and automotive applications including low light level detection, gas detection, range finding and motion sensing.

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Radar Sensors

High Quality Radar Sensors for Industrial and Automotive Applications

Avalanche Photodiodes

High sensitivity Silicon or InGaAs APDs are ideal for extreme low-level light detection and photon counting. Detect in the 400nm – 1100nm range.


Silicon and InGaAs avalanche photodiodes (APDs), Silicon and InGaAs PIN photodiodes, quadrant detectors.

Optoelectronic Sensors: IR Sensing

Thermopiles, arrays and pyrodetectors for thermometry, gas sensing, safety controls, movement detection.

Optoelectronic Sensors: Opto Switches

Ambient light switches, Transmissive and Reflective Switches, Photodiodes and Phototransistors

Spectrometers and Modules

Miniaturised Spectrometers and Spectrometer Modules

Sensors for Gas Detection

Excelitas offers a number of thermopile detectors and pyrodetectors for gas sensing and monitoring.

Optoelectronic Sensors for Laser Range Finding

Industrial rangefinders, time of flight modules, embeddable LiDAR modules and high power pulsed laser arrays and APDs for Range Finding applications.

Optoelectronic Sensors: Time of Flight

ESPROS offers a range of Time of Flight (ToF) Imager Chips and Modules

In this article by John Fitzpatrick, Embedded Solutions Product Manager at Solsta, we explore the vital role of sensors at the heart of data monitoring systems which contribute to preventative maintenance and greater energy efficiencies. The article first appeared in the December 2022 issue of New Electronics magazine.

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