Our displays portfolio includes both industrial displays and commercial grade displays. We offer industrial TFT panels, industrial monitors, panel PCs, single board computers, monochrome LCD, and full colour displays including OLED, VFD and electroluminescent technologies. Display sizes range from 0.7″ to 102”.

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TFT Colour Displays from Solsta

An extensive range of colour TFT LCD panels from 1.8″ through the popular 3.5″ and 5.7″ sizes to 82″. Our range includes sunlight readable panels from 5.6″ to 70″, bar cut panels, and SMART TFT displays with built-in control.

OLED Passive Display Modules from Solsta

OLED Display Panels are made from organic light emitting diodes – solid state devices composed of thin films of organic molecules that create light with the application of electricity. OLED offers sharp images and vibrant colours.

Mono LCD Displays

Monochrome LCD (mono LCD) technology offers high reliability and is ideal for industrial and consumer applications. Mono LCD displays can be alphanumeric LCD (character LCD), graphic LCD or segmented glass LCD.

Industrial Display Monitors from Soslta

Industrial monitors are extremely hard wearing and hard working with robust mechanical design and advanced comms. Our range includes Sunlight Readable Displays, IP rated and Marine Grade displays. Sizes from 5.7″ to 65″.

We can undertake customisation of display panels, assembly of touchscreens in a class 7 cleanroom environment , assembly of display modules into final housings, production engineering and test & certification.

Embedded Computing from Solsta

Our embedded computing range includes Industrial Panel PCs, HMI Panel PCs, Medical Panel PCs, SBCs, Box PCs and Wireless Communications. Panel mount, rack mount, open frame and chassis monitor are available.

Display Test Equipment from Solsta

Hardware and Software Test Tools for testing USB-C™, DisplayPort™, and HDMI™ interfaces. DisplayPort Video generators and analyzers for product development, compliance testing and production testing.

Display Accessories from Solsta

We provide a range of accessories for display panels, including touchscreens, A/D driver boards, CCFL inverter boards, OSD controller boards, interface cabling and CCFL backlight cable harness.

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