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A box PC is a compact industrial aluminium box PC designed for a variety of applications. A perfect fit for simple automation control and communication tasks, these box PCs combine the latest Intel or ARM processors with extensive and flexible I/O support for legacy connections.

Laptops, rugged notebooks, tablets, android tablets, extreme tablets, ultra-rugged tablet PCs, tablet computers, industrial panel PCs, industrial displays, vehicle mounted computers, Mil std/ defence / marine / ATEX C1D2 panel PC, healthcare tablets and panel PCs.

A diverse, high quality, comprehensive display monitor product line, including the Chassis, Open Frame, Panel Mount, Rack Mount, Front IP65, PoE monitor, 4K-UHD Monitor, USB Type-C Display and Multi-Touch series. Reliable even in the most challenging environments.

Motherboards and SBCs from Solsta

Our single board computer (SBC) range features models from leading suppliers, offering a choice of sizes, form factors and processor platforms to suit your needs. Low power solutions, extended temperature options, latest processor and graphic controllers are all available.

Panel PCs from Solsta

A panel PC is an industrial display and industrial PC integrated into the same housing – making installation into an end system much easier. Form factors include panel mount, rack mount, open frame and chassis monitor, full IP65 and IP67 and marine bridge systems.

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