Our portfolio features a number of imaging technologies suited to different applications. Our engineers can help you decide which technology would best suit your individual requirements.

High-Pixel, High-Thermal-Resolution Images

Mitsubishi’s Electric Diode InfraRed sensor (MelDIR) delivers high-pixel, high-thermal-resolution images. The latest sensor in the range features a wide field of view (FoV) and high 80×60 pixel resolution for applications including security, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), people counting, smart buildings and thermal scanners. The new MelDIR sensor accurately distinguishes between humans and other heat sources and enables the identification of specific human behavior, such as walking, running or raising hands.

Range Finding based on Time of Flight

ESPROS Photonics’ TOF Imager chips, modules and miniaturised 3D cameras are based on the principle of Time-of-Flight (TOF). They enable Range Finding solutions which excel in applications requiring ranging distances from approximately 20 cm to 10 m.

ESPROS offers a range of TOF Imager Chips and Modules including 1×1, 8×8, 160×60 and 320×240 pixel array formats. ESPROS’ unique technology offers both photonics and mixed signal circuitry on one chip, giving outstanding optical detector performance.

Best In Class CMOS Image Sensor Technology

OmniVision Technologies Inc. develops and delivers advanced digital imaging solutions and superior image quality to a range of industrial and consumer applications across automotive, medical imaging, mobile devices, surveillance, notebooks & entertainment, and VR, AR, drones & robotics. OmniVision’s best-in-class CMOS image sensor technology enables image sensors and miniaturised camera modules which form the core of systems that produce high quality still and video images while also enabling advanced capabilities such as facial and iris authentication, collision avoidance, gesture control and eye tracking.

Low Resolution Thermal Image Sensing

The Excelitas CoolEye family of thermopile array modules offer thermopile arrays in various configurations on a pcb with microcontroller, EEPROM, ADC, communication interface and a 4-pin connector. The modules also contain integral optics. These arrays now extend to 32 pixels in line, and provide low resolution image sensing for presence detection, energy conservation, alarm applications and non-contact temperature measurement.

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