ASUS IoT is a sub-brand of ASUS dedicated to the creation of incredible solutions in the fields of AI and IoT. Their mission is to become a trusted provider of embedded systems and partner to the wider AIoT solutions ecosystem.

We are delighted to have become a partner in the ASUS IoT Alliance Program for the collaboration of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) development and solutions. Access to the company’s lineup of IoT products including industrial motherboards, edge computers and AI solutions will help us to provide complete solutions for a wide array of IoT and cloud applications.

ASUS IoT strives to deliver best-in-class products and services across diverse vertical markets, and to partner with customers in the development of fully integrated and rapid time-to-market applications that drive efficiency – providing convenient, efficient and secure living and working environments for people everywhere.

ASUS IoT - Face Recognition
ASUS IoT - Smart Retail

Applications such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ALPR or ANPR), Face Recognition and Smart Retail are some of the first to exploit the benefits that AI and ML can bring.

Manufacturing applications include AI-driven predictive maintenance of single assets, AI-powered automated optical inspection, production optimization, surveillance and physical threat detection. These solutions reduce costs, increase safety and security, improve quality assurance and facilitate regulatory compliance. They also result in greater overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) to improve efficiency and, ultimately, profits.

The all-new range of holistic smart-healthcare devices and services have a particular focus on electronic and mobile health. The solutions include: a wearable devices for personal preventive healthcare in the home and beyond; intelligent equipment for use in hospitals, such as a digital, portable ultrasound scanner and an AI-powered ICD-10 coding assistant; an innovative telecare solution for providing remote diagnosis and support; and an in-vehicle management system for ambulances and other mobile medical vehicles.

Retailers need powerful systems built to withstand harsh environments and support extensive AI capabilities. We provide a comprehensive product range and competitive tailored solutions for any retail environment, help customers making the most of their budget.

For hotels, event centers, and travel organizations, tailored solutions enhance guest experiences and improve workflow efficiency and flexibility, increasing overall productivity.