Value Added Services

Our sourcing and obsolescence solutions (SOS) ensure that we offer customers the complete supply package:

  • Cost-effective, reliable supply of franchised components
  • Trusted sourcing of hard-to-find products
  • Proactive management of component obsolescence and end of life scenarios

We have worked hard to establish a wider network of trusted, verified suppliers, enabling us to source products for lines we are not franchised for. We have responded to increased demand for sourcing services by strengthening our team so we can now supply both commercial and military/hi-rel hard-to-source parts.

Our experts have a proven track record in sourcing product from across the globe with a unique combination of assurance and agility. We verify all our sources and carry out full due diligence to mitigate risk, providing full return rights and warranty on all goods supplied to you. Buying counterfeit products from us is something you’ll never have to worry about.

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