Security Risks That Come With ‘Working From Home’

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Digi’s Secure Remote Connectivity Solutions

During the current outbreak of COVID-19 and recent announcements from the government, many companies have had to adopt to the ‘working from home’ practice to ensure the health and safety of their employees whilst assuring business continuity.

Technology is remarkable is these days, allowing companies to easily adapt so easily and have the option to continue ‘business as usual’ from employees’ homes. However, it can inevitably come with security risks to your corporate and customer data, if not set up correctly. For example, home WiFi can present risks to your security compliance protocols and proprietary data.

Fortunately, there are ways to mitigate the security risks of data leakage and provide enterprise-level security at an affordable cost for businesses. One of the many options that we have are Digi’s cellular extenders. The cellular extenders that Digi offers are able to deliver connectivity in a compact, all-in-one solution that integrates with your existing corporate infrastructure and supports secure VPN tunnelling for maximum data security.

Digi also offers a cloud-based, secure central management platform: Digi Remote Manager. You can easily and safely monitor and configure your devices remotely; keeping track and protecting your vital connections, whilst ensuring compliance with security frameworks in Digi Remote Manager.

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