The Real IoT Seminar – June 2019, Redditch

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Solid State Supplies are hosting the “Real” IoT Seminar (RIoT) with Robustel, Quectel and InVMA on Thursday 20th June at our HQ in Redditch.

Real IoT is an event aimed at people who are considering a move from the provision of “products” to “connected products”. This seminar will include talks from established guests from the world of IoT; come and listen to technical and commercial discussions about the salient considerations of moving to such a model – also known as the Internet of Things (IoT).

RIoT is designed to debunk the myths surrounding the transition to IoT. It is an attempt to ride the wave of disillusionment surrounding the vastly overhyped and often intangible noise around IoT, and to showcase real applications that are creating financial success.

You should attend if you:

• Are thinking of moving to a “connected products” business model and struggling to prove the technology and/or the business case

• Have considered the idea of “doing IoT” but you’re unsure what that could mean for your company

• Are just looking for examples of ideas that have been successfully implemented

What’s in it for you?

• Learn the clear steps towards connecting your product in a low-risk, effective and efficient way

• Investigate the challenges of connecting your product and how to overcome them

• Learn from presentations on previous real-world success stories

• Gain detailed knowledge on the components that make up an IoT solution stack

Register your interest now, quoting “RIoT” in the form below.

Please note: this event has been put together to help manufacturers on their journey towards Industry 4.0, therefore, Manufacturing Professionals are given priority to register for the event before other delegates. We will contact you a few weeks prior to the event to let you know if you have been allocated a ticket.