New Partnership: LORIOT

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Global long-range specialist IoT company, Loriot AG (‘LORIOT’), and franchised distributor, Solid State Supplies Ltd (‘Solid State Supplies’), have announced their newly agreed partnership to provide IoT solutions to their customers.

LORIOT is a revolutionary software and network provider based on the LoRa infrastructure; providing powerful IoT solutions by setting up, maintaining and operating secure networks tailored to a business’ needs.

‘Solid State Supplies Ltd understands the needs of customers, with a realistic focus on ensuring the successful delivery of IoT projects and provides the highest standards. Their expertise with hardware, electronic design and integrating the IoT stack combined our LoRaWAN Network Server will ensure best-in-class services at every stage.’ Added, Julian Studer, CEO at LORIOT.

Solid State Supplies is a franchised distributor of electronic components; they have a team of experts who specialise in the design and delivery of complete IoT solutions, utilising their strategic partnerships with different companies across the IoT spectrum to apply their ‘5 Stage IoT Framework’.

The decision of the partnership was confirmed almost immediately after understanding each other’s mutual strategy and parallel industry relationships. By forming this partnership, both companies are able to offer customers a more integral solution, maximising customers’ IoT potential within cost parameters.

Scott A. Brenton, IoT Technology Director at Solid State Supplies said ‘as IoT is made up of many technologies, it is important that we can discuss all options with customers, to offer suitable solutions that are available – including LoRa. Some customers will need a LoRa network server, and with our new partnership with LORIOT, we can offer an end-to-end solution; whether that may be custom-built or ‘off-the-shelf’. The synergy between LORIOT’s service and our hardware made it the obvious choice to move forward with our partnership.’

For more information about LORIOT, please speak to Scott A. Brenton at Solid State Supplies.

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