Durakool is an internationally valued specialist manufacturer of switching solutions headquartered in Copthorne UK. Initially established in 1935 to manufacture switching devices for power generation in industrial and power automation systems, Durakool has evolved to provide key innovative HVDC switching solutions for Energy Storage Systems (ESS), automotive and transport applications.

Durakool provides a wide complementary portfolio of supporting products in contactors, relays, and pre-charge / discharge resistors, and offers highly specialised technical support, with design in focus. Today, the reliability and quality of the long established Durakool products are at the heart of Solid State PLC. Durakool is Solid State PLCs only own brand and is committed to innovate and develop relays and contactors to meet customer demands, for higher voltage and higher current switching, in smaller and lighter packaging.

Durakool HVDC Contactors
Automotive Durakool Green Energy /HVDC Relays
Durakool Automotive Plug in Relays
Durakool Automotive Special Plug in Relays
Durakool High Voltage AC Relay
Durakool Industrial Relays
Durakool Latching Relays
Durakool Non Automotive PCB Relays from Solsta
Durakool Signal Relays from Solsta
Durakool Solid State Relays from Solsta
Durakool Pre Charge / Discharge Relays from Solsta

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