Digi Demand Creation Distributor of the Year 2020 Award

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Digi International, a leading global provider of Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity products and services, has announced that their 2020 EMEA Demand Creation Distributor of the Year is Solid State Supplies Ltd (UK).

The recognition is awarded to Digi’s distributors and channel partners which excelled in providing value to its customers and significantly advanced the overall IoT market throughout the duration of the year.

Digi International recognises Solid State Supplies (SSS) for the ‘Strongest Design Funnel Creation and Support’ as a valued EMEA channel partner and congratulates them on this well-deserved award. SSS has played a key role in contributing to Digi International’s overall success in 2020, and Digi looks forward to continuing the momentum in 2021 and beyond.

SSS is delighted to have retained this award, having previously won the inaugural award in 2019 before the pandemic struck.

Solid State Supplies & Digi at the Engineering Design Show 2019

What particular SSS strengths have contributed to winning this award?

SSS has a Business Development team which has proved a real asset, helping customers to identify where a Digi solution can enhance their products, and persistently supporting them through challenging situations. The engineers in the BD team are very “hands-on” – keen to get development kits up and running to help find the answers to tough technical questions. They regularly tune into Digi’s online training sessions, ensuring their product and application knowledge is completely up to date.

A strong, multi-skilled Marketing team also helps SSS to communicate the benefits and advantages of Digi products into the marketplace, creating demand via multiple channels.

How has SSS responded to the challenges of the pandemic restrictions?

SSS has always been determined to pull out all the stops to support customers through challenging market conditions. By designing in modules with shorter lead times, the team has been able to protect customers from potential supply chain issues during the pandemic. SSS prides itself on keeping promises, always going the extra mile to deliver what it said it would deliver.

SSS has come up with innovative ways of communicating with customers during the pandemic. Holding various online events, and making good use of social media, has enabled the team to keep in contact with customers and to expand their reach to both existing and new customers.

A good website became even more important in early 2020. SSS increased the amount of Digi information on its website, preparing additional “solutions” webpages to give customers easy access to all the relevant information in one place.

Despite the challenges and restrictions of the pandemic, SSS has grown its business in many areas, expanding operations and capabilities. The wider Solid State Group has in fact completed two acquisitions already in 2021, further strengthening its customer offerings.

How does SSS add value to the relationship with Digi customers?

The SSS-Digi partnership enjoys great stability – the trading relationship is now in its 20th year. Excellent collaboration throughout this time has resulted in each partner developing a deep understanding of how the other “ticks”.

Business Development and Sales teams work closely with a dedicated Franchise Manager who helps to coordinate activities and to ensure that Digi has great visibility within SSS generally. All customer-facing teams have received up-to-date training on Digi’s Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity products and services, and there’s a lot of engagement (and enthusiasm!) within the wider team. The Franchise Manager also follows up on Digi enquiries and leads as they arrive, and quickly identifies the best support route for each customer.

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