Thermopiles convert thermal energy into electrical energy, and are ideal for low power thermal sensor applications and non-contact temperature measuring devices. Newer compact packages in particular are finding application in smart energy saving systems such as smart home sensors and building management systems.

CaliPile sensors from Excelitas include a highly sensitive thermopile detector and onboard electronics that allow the sensors to be set into three distinct function modes – motion sensing, presence detection and temperature measurement.

Thermopiles are are often incorporated into non-contact temperature measuring devices such as thermometers used to measure body temperature. The Excelitas range of TPM 1T (or TPiM 1T) thermopile sensor modules is suitable for general thermometry applications. All feature an operating temperature range of -25 to +100 °C.

The TPM 1T thermopile modules consist of a thermopile sensor mounted on a pcb with a connector. The module includes integrated temperature compensation and calibration, which define the temperature environment and range, but which must be specified when ordering.

The Excelitas Cool Eye™ family of thermopile array modules offer thermopile arrays in various configurations on a pcb with communication interface and a 4-pin connector. These arrays provide low resolution image sensing, and can be used as imaging arrays for presence detection, energy conservation, alarm applications and non-contact temperature measurement.

Cool Eye Thermopile Arrays are designed for applications that require low resolution 3-D thermal images capable of resolving humans and small animals without the use of expensive, high-resolution infrared imaging cameras.