Pulse 1×1 Industrial PIP Integrated Connector Modules

The PulseJack® RJ45 range of Integrated Connector Module’s (ICM) by Pulse Electronics have been specifically designed to support Engineers in the Industrial markets to reduce processing costs by utilising surface-mount devices (SMD) developments with the ruggedness of the total harmonic distortion (THD).

The latest PulseJack range comes in 3 different styles, single port RJ45 connectors with integrated transformers. They have different latch orientations, and all have the universal 8P/8C or 10P/8C pin configurations for supporting 100Base-TX, fast ethernet and 1000Base-T, 1Ggigabit ethernet in the same compact size.

These Solder Paste placement on the top side of the PCB can be optimised without interference from underneath during automated insertion. These modules also give superior heat flow during the IR Reflow cycle highly reducing the risk of solder balls forming.

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