Specialist Infrared Detectors

Our range of specialist IR detectors includes Silicon and InGaAs avalanche photodiodes (APDs), Silicon and InGaAs PIN photodiodes including quadrant detectors, infrared detectors and MWIR detectors. These specialist IR detector modules are for applications requiring more than basic detection or switching.


An Avalanche Photodiode (APD) provides higher sensitivity than a standard photodiode. An APD is a photodetector that provides a built-in first stage of gain via avalanche multiplication. Provision of this internal signal gain is what differentiates an APD from a PIN photodiode. The use of APDs instead of PIN photodetectors will result in improved sensitivity, which can be particularly useful in applications where the noise of the amplifier is high — i.e. much higher than the noise in the photodetector. APDs are ideal for extreme low-level light detection and photon counting, and are widely used in instrumentation and aerospace applications, offering a combination of high speed and high sensitivity. Available in Silicon or InGaAs, these devices provide detection from 400 nm – 1100 nm.

The PIN diode structure has an intrinsic layer within the depletion region, which allows high quantum efficiency and fast response for detection of photons in the 400 nm to 1100 nm range. PIN diodes can be suitable for telecommunications and data transmission.

Would a Module be Better?

APD Integrated Modules and PIN Diode Modules offer easy implementation into high performing instruments. Each module contains a PIN or an APD plus a transimpedance amplifier.

We offer high performance infrared detectors (IR detectors), near infrared detectors (NIR), MWIR detectors and accessories (NIR or near IR) from New Infrared Technologies (NIT). The NIT infrared detector range enables very fast, low cost and low power consumption MWIR detector systems.