Unigraf – UCD-500 DP 2.0 16Kgenerator & analyser

Product Overview

UCD-500 is a DisplayPort™ 2.0 Video Generator and Analyzer unit for testing DisplayPort Sinks and Sources up to 8K@60Hz and 16K@60 Hz (with DSC) video modes with UHBR 20 Max Bit Rate Capability. 10 Gb rate max capability for DP 2.0 connectors, due to current DP 2.0 implementation, and 20 Gb rate max capability for USC-C connectors. UCD-500 offers support for Panel Replay, Adaptive Sync, DSC, FEC and LTTPR.


* 16K Video Generator & Analyzer
* 8K@60Hz without compression
* 16K@60Hz with DSC
* DP 2.0 Link Layer CTS
* DP 2.0 Link Layer CTS will be added when VESA released compliance test specification
HDCP 2.3 CTS for receivers, transmitters and repeaters
* Support for Panel Replay, Adaptive Sync,DSC, FEC and LTTPR
* Color depth 6 to 16bpc
* Color formats: RGB, YCbCr 444, 422, 420, Raw
* Capture memory 32GB


UCD-500 GEN 2

DisplayPort 2.0 16K video Generator and Analyser p/n 066710

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