Unigraf – DPR-120 DP1.2 test device

Product Overview

DPR-120 is a fully-featured DisplayPort™ 1.2 compliant Reference Sink. Verify DisplayPort interfaces up to 4K@60Hz. It provides all features needed for testing DP Multistream (MST) source devices like PC display cards or portable computers. The Debug and Test Controller GUI is the user interface of DPR-120. It provides the user with a multitude of valuable tools for monitoring the performance of the DUT.

VESA has certified DPR-120 as the Authorized Test tool for testing Link layer CTS 1.2 Core and Extension Set 1 revision 1.1. Unigraf’s DPR-120 DisplayPort Reference Sink is an Authorized Test Tool for DP 1.2 Link Core and Link Ext1 CTS tests for testing DisplayPort source devices. DPR-120 Debug and Test Controller SW (DTC) is the graphical user interface (GUI) for controlling the DP 1.2 Link CTS tests with DPR-120 Reference Sink. DPR-120 DTC also has many powerful debug features for monitoring the status of the tested unit (DUT) and the test procedure.


* Compact sized DisplayPortTM 1.2 compliant Reference Sink
* HBR2 & MST capable Sink and Branch device
* Certified as the platform for DP 1.2 LL CTS Ext1 tests
* Optional MST Debug panel & AUX Channel Monitor
* Debug and Test Controller GUI enables monitoring and previewing any MST stream
* User programmable EDID and DPCD


Available Options

Test Automation:
* DPR-120 MST Debug Extension
* DPR-120 Test Automation Shell Software

DP Link Layer Compliance Testing:
* DisplayPort Link Layer CTS Ext1 and Core, Set A+B+C
* DisplayPort RefSink Link Layer CTS Upgrade from A+B to A+B+C
* DisplayPort RefSink Reduced Lane Count test, Set D



Displayport 1.2 Test device

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