Sensolute Micro Vibration Sensor MVS0409.02


Product Overview

Sensolute Micro Vibration Sensor MVS0409.02

The micro vibration sensor is used for the detection of slight movements and vibrations by means of a mobile micro sphere. The ball bridges two contacts reducing the resistance between the two external connection pads from several mega ohms (> 30 MOhm) to below 100 Ohms. The sensor is fully passive, requires no signal conditioning, and operates with currents as low as 0.2 µA.

With the aid of tool-specific evaluation electronics, the micro vibration sensor controls the operation of movement-sensitive devices. The micro vibration sensor is utilised for converting many systems to environmentally friendly devices by implementing wake-up and powerdown logic to conserve battery power and bringing energy consumption to a minimum, pushing the availability of green technology and green electronics into new areas of design and application.

The sensor is typically used for applications such as bike computers, remote controls, electronic lock systems, RFiD transponders, GPS tracking systems, wireless sensor networks, illuminated dog`s collars, access control systems, data loggers, bicycle lights, that are only switched on when in motion.

– Motion detection
– System wake up – low power


-Omnidirectional vibration sensor
– Halogen free
– Wide supply voltage range: 1.80 V to 15 V
– Low operating current
-e.g. Icc max. 0.2µA at Vcc 2V and R 10Meg)
-e.g. Icc max. 2.0µA at Vcc 2V and R 1Meg)
– Noiseless
– ROn < 100 ? - Protected against environmental stress - Automated SMT-mounting - RoHS compliant, lead free - Specified from -40 °C to +85 °C - Size 2.85 mm x 2.45 mm x 1.7 mm - Reacting point: approx. 50 mg



Micro Vibration Sensor 1.8-15V -40°C to +85°C, 2 mA, T/R Size 2.85 x 2.45 x 1.7 mm


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