RiTDisplay – Full Color OLED & Mono OLED Options

Product Overview

-Size 0.95″
– Small molecular organic light emitting diode.
– Color : Full
– Panel resolution : 96x3x64
– Driver IC : SSD1357Z
– Excellent quick response time.
– Extremely thin thickness for best mechanism design : 1.227 mm
– High contrast : 10,000:1
– Wide viewing angle : 160°
– Interface: 8-bit 6800/8080-series parallel interface,4-wire serial peripheral
interface,I2C Interface
– Wide range of operating temperature : -40 to 70°C
– Anti-glare polarizer


Strengths of OLED
Wide Viewing Angle
Because an OLED becomes self-emissive through organic material, its viewing angle is far wider than an LCD. This wide viewing angle can provide great improvements in a wide variety of product applications. It also offers new design concepts to industrial designers who were before limited by the constraints of traditional LCD

Fast Response Time
A slow response time is one of the main problems with existing LCD technology. Applications, which require animation, are limited to a certain extent with traditional LCD. OLED offers 1,000 timers quicker than in response speed which reduces design constraint of displays.

Low Power Consumption
Because backlight is not required for OLED, the power consumption is lower than a LCD module. This can increase the lifetime of batteries for portable products.

Compact size
Since a backlight is not required for OLED, lightweight and extremely thin displays can be applied to many products, opening up a wide range of new design possibilities.

High Brightness & Contrast
OLED offers a drastically higher level of brightness and contrast as compared to LCD.



9OL9943601000 New Full Color OLED 0.95"

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