OmniVision – OV06xxxx Analog CMOS Sensor

Product Overview

The OV6922 is a 1/18-inch optical format CMOS image sensor incorporating a high level of functionality and very low power consumption in an ultra-small footprint package. This makes it ideal for use in small disposable cameras for medical imaging applications such as diagnostic and intubation systems.

The 2.1 mm x 2.3 mm CSP packaged sensor enables a microscopic camera module with a 4.0 mm diameter, to make medical procedures even less invasive for the patient.

Having been designed for very low power operation, the OV6922 only requires a clock and a single 3.3-volt DC power supply to get the NTSC composite signal out to a direct interface with a VCR and TV monitor.

The OV6922 is built on OmniVision’s proprietary OmniPixel® architecture providing the highest image quality, performance and clarity. It is an ideal solution for medical applications that require both color video and a very small footprint package.


Single chip 1/18″ NTSC lens video camera

Composite video output

Automatic exposure/gain/white balance

Aperture correction

Gamma correction

Low power consumption

+3.3V only power supply

Wide dynamic range, anti-blooming, zero smearing

SCCB programmable controls:
– Color saturation
– Exposure
– Gain
– Gamma curve



Analog CMOS Sensor 1/18″ CSP2 9 Pin

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Analog CMOS Sensor 1/10″ CSP2 8 Pin

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