Mesh Network IoT Dev Kit


Product Overview

Mesh Network Development Kit / Set for IoT

This development set enables you to build your complete IoT solution from sensors and actuators through a gateway – up to different clouds and mobile apps in a matter of hours. You will be able to extend your network with ready IQRF interoperable devices and use your solution for proof-of-concept projects.

This set provides a wireless network based on IQRF mesh technology.
It includes:
> Sensors for temperature, light intensity, voltage measurement
> Relay kit
> IQRF programmer & debugger
> Transceivers
> IQRF coordinator adapter for the UP board
> Connectors and cables
> Software

UP Board and power adapter;

UP board: 2GB RAM, 32GB eMMC- when fitted with the IQRF coordinator from the Development Set, provides a gateway to cloud services.

Preinstalled software: No.

Products Included in this Kit/Set:
DCTR-72DAT (IQRF transceiver)

CK-USB-04A (IQRF programmer, debugger and TR host with USB connectivity)

DK-EVAL-04A (Universal portable development kit for TR transceivers, TR host)

DDC-SE-01 (IQRF evaluation and development kit with sensors)

DDC-RE-01 (IQRF evaluation and development kit with relays)

KON-RASP-01 (Adapter to connect IQRF transceiver to Raspberry Pi or alternatives)

CAB-USBABMICRO (Micro USB cable 18.5 cm)

USB flash drive (Software and documentation – including Custom DPA handlers and IQRF IDE with specialized macros)



IQRF Mesh Network IoT Development kit


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