Luminus Devices – XST3535 275nm LED- 45mW

Product Overview

Luminus UV-C LEDs are highly efficient, have compact form factors and enable applications such as healthcare disinfection, water and air purification, and surface disinfection of consumer appliances

High power UVC LED with emission wavelength between 275 nm and 286 nm
Compact form factor: 3.5 mm x 3.5 mm package
Narrow viewing angle of 60 degrees
High Reliability package
Standard SMD Process
RoHS and REACH compliant

Water/ Air/ Surface Disinfection
Florescence analyzer
Food & Pharmaceutical Processing
Medical Spectroscopy



XST-3535 275nm UVC 3.5mm package, 35mW 60 Deg Lens

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XST-3535 275nm UVC 3.5mm package, 45mW 60 Deg Lens

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