Luminus Cuvee KCB-12E35IAD/R LED Driver

Product Overview

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. Synchronous Start
Most dimmers have problems in lighting up all devices synchronously at low brightness. The special Cuvee startup circuit resolves this problem, enabling every light to start up at the same time even at low brightness.

. Synchronous Dimming
With the synchronous dimming technology, we can make the output tolerance of our drivers lower than 5%,allowing you to control multiple lights at the same brightness. The Cuvee driver with this high-accuracy output technology delivers the same amount of current to its corresponding light with low tolerance.
Lights are then lightened up with equivalent brightness even under low current output, offering you the most precise dimming experience.

. Soft Start
The instantaneous high inrush current when powering up would damage ordinary devices. Our soft start technology is developed to protect your devices. By limiting the level of input current when starting up your devices is allowed to slowly power up as if warming up before running. The soft start technology enables device protection and extends the lifespan of devices. It moreover moderates the light on the startup, resulting this to be functional and smooth while turning on.

. Low Ripple
The patented deep dimming compensation technology in the drivers enables the brightness to be nearly zero. Lights are very sensitive to input signal under this condition, which might cause flashes. Out compensation circuit eliminates all noises from the power source, which greatly reduces flashes and provides a more stable, comfortable lighting experience.

. Flicker Free
With the increasing usage of smart devices, our eyes are exposed to various kinds of lights, laptops, phones, anytime on the go. Conventional dimmable lighting
in the market has high flicker, which is the constant stream of lights flashing under the camera. The flashes you cannot see can actually hurt you. By integrating flicker-free technology in our products, all Cuvee drivers carry merely 2% flicker percentage.

. Efficiency Compensation
The efficiency of drivers would decrease for the sake of elevating the compatibility of dimmers. By equipping with the compensation circuit with automatic detecting function, our drivers will only operate when the system needs to be compensated, which greatly increases the efficiency of the drivers

. Dimming Compensation
Every dimmer has its own dimming range. Most of them cannot be adjusted under certain level of brightness. The deep dimming compensation technology makes
our dimmers better than ever. The restriction of dimming is reduced, the dimming range is expanded, and the overall dimming effect is optimized

. 5 Year Warranty
All products from Cuvee Systems are warranted for 5 years. You can keep our products on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The support behind this top-quality is our persistence when developing new products.
From circuit protection, temperature control, and heat diffusion at thebeginning phase of design, to materials adoption, quality control and safety approval. Before shipment, every product from Cuvee Systems went through 100% burn-in test. We put strong emphasis on full quality control in between every station of production to ensure the best quality for our lifetime customers



Cuvee 12W Mains Dim 350mA, 30-38VDC, 220VAC Leading and Trailing Edge Dim

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