LED Engin – LZ4-00R608 – 850nm Infra Red Dual Junction 5250mW on MCPCB


Product Overview

The LZ4-00R608 850nm Dual Junction Infrared LED emitter generates 3.2W nominal output at 8.5W power dissipation in an extremely small package. With a 7.0mm x 7.0mm ultra-small footprint, this package provides exceptional radiant flux density. The patent-pending design has unparalleled thermal and optical performance. The high quality materials used in the package are chosen to optimize optical performance and minimize stresses which results in monumental reliability and flux maintenance. The robust product design thrives in outdoor applications with high ambient temperatures and high humidity.


Key Features
. 850nm Dual Junction Infrared LED
. Ultra-small foot print – 7.0mm x 7.0mm
. Surface mount ceramic package with integrated glass lens
. Low Thermal Resistance (2.8°C/W)
. Individually addressable die
. Ultra-high Radiant Flux density
. JEDEC Level 1 for Moisture Sensitivity Level
. Lead (Pb) free and RoHS compliant
. Reflow solderable
. Emitter available on Serially Connected MCPCB (optional)
Typical Applications
. Surveillance cameras
. Traffic management
. Gesture recognition
. Machine vision
. Biometric sensing



LED 10W Ir 850nm Dual Junction Serial MCPCB


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