LED Engin – LZ1-00UV0R – 365nm Ultra Violet 1930mW on MCPCB

Product Overview

**This item is now EOL**

The LZ1-10UV0R VIOLET LED is a 4th Generation UV emitter and provides superior radiometric power in the wavelength range specifically required for sterilization, dental curing lights, and numerous medical applications. With a 4.4mm x 4.4mm ultrasmall footprint, this package provides exceptional optical power density. The radiometric power performance and optimal peak wavelength of this LED are matched to the response curves of dental resins, inks and adhesives, resulting in a significantly reduced curing time. The patented design has unparalleled thermal and optical performance. The high quality materials used in the package are chosen to optimize light output, have excellent VIOLET resistance, and minimize stresses which results in monumental reliability and radiant flux maintenance



LED 5W UV(365nm) Gen 4 CAUTION Use UV Eye Protection

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