Kingtech – 3.5″ IPS TFT module

Product Overview

3.5″ IPS TFT LCD module
320(RGB)x480 resolution
Normally black, viewing angle free
Driver IC: ILI9488
Interface options: 8-/ 9-/16-/18- 8080-MCU
4-lines / 3-lines SPI + 16-/18-bit RGB
Brightness: 350nits


Module size: 53.76(H) x 84.18(W) x 2.1(T) mm
Active Area: 48.96(H) x 73.44(W) mm
Operating Temp: -20 to 70 DegC
Storage Temp: -30 to 80 DegC
Backlight: 6 x white LED in parallell (120mA @3v)
T/S options: resistive and PCAP



3.5" 320x480 IPS TFT SPI interface

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