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PYQ 1398, PYQ 1348 Single-Output Quad Pyros
Excelitas’ PYQ 1348 and PYQ 1398 Pyrodetectors provide four sensing elements in a geometric square placement. Electrically all elements are connected in series, forming one analog output signal. The two versions vary from each other by different window size and element spacings.

This “Quad” Pyrodetector Series provides all four elements connected to one common output. All elements are electrically connected to one FET in source follower connection forming one analog output signal.

Two different window options are provided: Rectangular window or square window size. Different geometrical placements are available on request. When being applied with suitable lens or mirror optics these detectors are used in ceiling mount devices. The PYQ 1348 is also available with smaller elements of 0.8×0.8 mm². Small elements are suitable for compact lenses and short detection distances.


– TO-5 metal housing for EMI shielding

– High-responsivity ceramic pyroelectric elements

– Quad detector with 1 × 1 mm² (0.8 x 0.8 mm²) elements

– 124° (140°) Field-of-view (PYQ 1348)

– 103° Field-of-view (PYQ 1398)

– Integrated FET in source follower configuration

– Integrated EMI filtering stage

Mid (short)-distance motion detection (with lens)
Energy saving applications
Intrusion alarms
Ceiling mounted applications


– Responsivity: 6.5 (10.2) kV/W (typical)

– Noise: 40 (60) µVpp (typical) / 100 (200) µVpp (max)

– Operation requirements 2.0 -10 V

– Housing with optical window: TO-5

– PYQ 1398 Field-of-view (horiz/vert): 103°/100°

– PYQ 1348 Field-of-view (horiz/vert): 124°/124° (140°/140°)



Pyrodetector single output. PYRO01

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Quad DigiPyro 1mm size PYRO01

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