Excelitas – NIR Single-Photon Counting Module SPCM NIR

Product Overview

NIR-Optimized Single Photon Counting Module

Excelitas Technologies’ SPCM-NIR is a Single Photon Counting Module
specifically selected and performance-optimized for the near infra-red
wavelength spectrum.
The SPCM-NIR uses a specially selected SLiK silicon avalanche photodiode
with peak single photon detection efficiency typically better than 73% while
maintaining uniformity over a 180µm diameter active area. This module
achieves enhanced red and NIR sensitivity while maintaining such other
performance parameters of the standard SPCM-AQRH, such as outstanding
uniformity, overload protection, temperature stability and linearity.
This NIR spectrum enhanced device is designed to support long range LIDAR,
quantum communication and microscopy, as well as many other
Excelitas’ series of photon counting modules are designed and built to be
fully compliant with the European Union Directive 2015/863/EU –
Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic equipment

* Quantum Cryptography
* Photon correlation
* Astronomical observation
* Optical range finding
* Adaptive optics
* Ultra-sensitive fluorescence
* Particle sizing
* Microscopy and imaging


* Peak photon detection
efficiency (PDE) @ 780nm:
70% typical
* Active area: 180 µm
* Gated output
* Single +5 V supply
* RoHS-compliant
* Linearity over high count rate



Excelitas SPCM NIR SPCM01

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