Excelitas – C30902SH

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Excelitas C30902SH

General Description

The C30902SH is avalanche photodiode selected for low noise fabricated with a double-diffused “reach-through” structure. This structure provides high responsivity between 400 and 1000 nm as well as extremely fast rise and fall times at all wavelengths. The responsivity of the device is independent of modulation frequency up to about 800 MHz. The detector chip is hermetically-sealed behind a flat glass window in a modified TO-18 package. The useful diameter of the photosensitive surface is 0.5 mm. 0.475mm photosensitive diameter, dead time filter 20ns, photon detection efficiency >70% at 700nm


Single molecule detection
High throughput single photon experiments
Photon correlation spectroscopy
Astronomical observation
Optical range finding
Adaptive optics
Ultra sensitive fluorescence
Particle sizing



Excelitas Si APD Selected Low noise, RoHS Comp DET01

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Excelitas Selected APD With Dual TEC (Photo diode) APD02

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