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Digi XBee sensors easily integrate into ZigBee networks, featuring long battery life and small size for unobtrusive installation anywhere

ZigBee technology enables low-cost, low-power networking of sensors, controllers and other devices in self-configuring, selfhealing wireless mesh networks. Part of Digi’s XBee networking solutions, Digi XBee sensors offer the ability to provide real-time data from a variety of sensors (e.g., temperature, humidity, light) in a single solution for wireless communication across a ZigBee infrastructure.

Their small form factor and long battery life power make Digi XBee sensors easy to integrate with Digi’s XBee gateway solutions to provide reliable, unobtrusive communications. Applications include building automation and security, energy management, food storage management, freight/vehicle monitoring and many more.

Installation is a snap. Simply insert batteries, add the Digi XBee sensor to the ZigBee network, and configure the update interval. Next, mount the device in an out-of-the way location and start communicating.

If using the same ZigBee protocol, Digi XBee sensors can be used with Digi XBee gateways, Digi XBee embedded modules, Digi XBee adapters or Digi XBee wall routers to drop-in end-to-end device networks – without the need for a wired network infrastructure.


– ZigBee wireless sensors for temperature, humidity, light
– Small form factor can be mounted anywhere
– Long battery life
– Easy to install/configure
– Easy to integrate with Digi’s XBee ZigBee family of gateways, adapters and modules on a ZigBee network
– Integrate with custom Python® development environment for events, triggers and data logging
– Applications include:
– Building automation and security
– Energy and food storage management
– Freight/vehicle monitoring



XBee sensor temp, light, humi for zigbee networks


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