Digi XBee 3 Zigbee 3 Mesh Kit


Product Overview


Explore hands-on mesh networking and connectivity with Digi XBee 3 RF modules

The Digi XBee® 3 Zigbee Mesh Kit offers a great way to learn how to use Digi XBee 3 RF modules for device connectivity and Zigbee-based mesh networking. Zigbee is one of the most popular open standard mesh networking protocols, specifically designed for low-data rate and low-power applications. With simple examples and step-by-step guidance, you can quickly assemble kit components to create reliable, low-power device communications and sensor networks.

Mesh networking is a powerful way to route data. Range is extended by allowing data to hop from node to node, and reliability is increased by “self-healing,” the ability to create alternate paths when one node fails or a connection is lost.

Digi XBee 3 Zigbee Modules Included in the Kit
Digi XBee 3 and XBee 3-PRO Zigbee modules are ideal for applications in the energy and controls markets where timeto-market and reliability are critical. With Digi’s extensive and easy-to-use DIGI XBee API framework, customers can get their Zigbee product to market faster than any other module available in the industry. Features like binding and multicasting also allow for simple integration for building automation applications.

Our modules are available in the popular Digi XBee throughhole, surface mount and now micro-mount form factors, providing customers the flexibility to substitute one Digi XBee technology for another with minimal development time and risk. Using the long-range Digi XBee 3-PRO variant, customers can get up to two miles (3200 meters) LoS range.


The Kit Includes:
– 3 Digi XBee Grove Development Board
– 3 Digi XBee ZigBee SMT Modules
– 3 Micro-USB Cables
– 3 Antennas
– Comprehensive Web and Video-Based Instruction



XBee3 Mod Dev Kit, 2.4 Ghz


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