Digi Watchport Infrared Proximity Sensor


Product Overview

Watchport® Sensors for Drop-in Networking

Create a Drop-in Network with sensors to monitor critical environmental data over a wireless connection.

Watchport sensors provide a plug-and-play solution for Dropin Networking applications. Each sensor connects to Digi’s XBee® sensor adapter (sold separately) for wireless connectivity to sensor data over a low power ZigBee network. Sensors are available to measure distance, proximity, temperature/humdity, acceleration/tilt, and the presence of water. Monitoring remote assets with Watchport sensors can preempt damage to facilities, reduce costly maintenance and warn of threatening environmental conditions.

When used in a Drop-in Network with Digi’s ConnectPort® X gateways, Watchport sensors can be monitored over a Wide Area Network (WAN) connection, providing centralized monitoring of geographically distributed sensor points. Plus, the Python® programming engine on the ConnectPort X provides the software tools to integrate multiple sensors and create custom applications using sensor readings.

Watchport sensors can be used in many Drop-in Networking applications. Monitor temperature and humidity levels in a refrigeration unit or grain silo; detect the presence of water in a livestock pen; activate a Watchport camera or an alarm when an access point is encroached; or reduce energy consumption by automatically powering down lights or other environmental systems when inhabitants are no longer detected.





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