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PortServer TS MEI Hardened

Hardened, Rugged Serial Servers for Outdoor Extended Temperatures

The PortServer® TS MEI Hardened family of serial servers is designed for serial port expansion where environmental hazards demand extended safety features and operating tolerances. Extended operating temperature (-35° C to +74° C), conformal coated circuit board, NEMA TS 2 and Class 1 Div 2 certifications make these rugged serial servers ideal for use in outdoor applications. Digi’s patented RealPort® COM port redirector creates a local COM or TTY port on the host computer, allowing existing software applications to work without modification.

The PortServer TS H MEI model is designed for serial-to-Ethernet connectivity in utility plants, pipelines, traffic management facilities and other remote locations requiring extended operating temperatures.

Designed to meet NEMA TS 2 and other unique requirements in traffic management installations, the PortServer TS Hcc MEI* model is ideal for network-enabling and remotely managing variable message signs, loop detectors, ramp meters or any RS-232/422/485 serial device. Specialized features include conformal coated PCA for moisture and corrosion protection, screw terminal power connector for durable and reliable power feed, and extended operating temperature tolerance.

The PortServer TS Haz MEI serial server offers a conformal coated PCA, extended temperature tolerance and the ability to safely perform in flammable environments (Class 1, Division 2 certified). It is ideal for serial port expansion in factory automation and utility management (gas, electric and water) applications.



PortServer TS 1 H MEI Hardened, Rugged Serial Server

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PortServer TS4 H MEI Hardened, Rugged Serial Server

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