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Click-to-connect | Modern, secure serial connectivity that boots in seconds, configures
in minutes and runs for years.

Most companies are not replacing their equipment – they are updating the way they talk to it. Digi Connect® EZ modernizes operational infrastructure with expanded network connectivity and functionality for today’s applications. It is designed to meet the demands of a wide range of critical serial applications including connecting to automation, robotics control, centralized device management, data acquisition and point-of-sale equipment.

Digi Connect EZ is a click-to-connect solution with 1, 2 or 4 serial ports, software-selectable for RS-232/422/485 communication, as well as optional LTE, Wi-Fi and industrial specifications (C1D2). It takes only a few minutes to configure with intelligent, use case-based options so that you can quickly install without having to modify your equipment or applications.



– 1, 2 or 4 software-selectable RS-232/422/485 serial ports to connect a wide variety of serial equipment over IP networks
– 10/100/1000 Ethernet (dual Ethernet on 2- and 4-port), with optional Wi-Fi, industrial temp, C1D2 rating and LTE
– Ideal for applications requiring COM ports, serial tunneling or TCP/UDP sockets
– Optimizes performance for the widest range of industry standard and device-specific protocols
– Built-in Digi TrustFence® for device security, secure encrypted connections, ongoing monitoring and support
– Easy setup and mass configuration with Digi Navigator and Digi Remote Manager®



– Activate, monitor and diagnose your mission-critical devices from a single point of command and control — on your desktop or mobile app
– Schedule key operations — including firmware updates and file management on a single device or on a group of devices, keeping your network functionality up-to-date and maintaining compliance standards
– Manage edge devices out-of-band via console terminal access
– Keep tabs on device health and connectivity across device deployments of any size
– Create detailed reports and enable real-time alerts for specified conditions
– Integrate device data through open APIs to gain deeper insights and control with third-party applications
– Report and alert on performance statistics, including connection history, signal quality, latency, data usage and packet loss


– Hosted in a commercial-grade cloud server environment that meets SOC 1®, SOC 2® and SOC 3® standards
– Superior availability, operating to 99.9% or greater
– Open APIs available to support application development


– More than 175 security controls in place to protect your data
– Member of the Center for Internet Security® (CIS®)
– Enables compliance with security frameworks like ISO27002, HIPAA, NIST and more
– Earned Skyhigh’s CloudTrust™ Program highest rating of Enterprise-Ready



Connect EZ 4i Serial Server LTE, 4 Port, Industrial Rated with WIFI & accessories

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Connect EZ 2 Serial Server 2 port, Global LTE, WIFI and accessories

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Connect EZ 4 Port Server Serial Server, WIFI & Accessoires

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Connect EZ 2 Serial Server 2 port with accessories

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Connect EZ 4 Global LTE 4 Port Serial Server, WIFI and Accessories

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Connect EZ 4i Serial Server 4 port, Industrial Rated, with WIFI and accessories

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Connect EZ Mini Serial Server Single Port with accessories

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Digi RJ-45 TO DB-9 Male Crossover 4″

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