2J Antennas – 2J Iridium Ceramic DEV KIT

Product Overview

IRIDIUM Ceramic Thru-Hole Mount Development Kit 36 x 36mm

Key Features:
– Set of 6 patches to try on devices
– Thru-Hole Mount
– High Gain
– Ground Plane Independent
– Frequency Range: 1616-1627MHz

Patches Dimensions: 36 x 36 x 4mm
Board Dimensions: 70.4 × 70.4 × 13.5mm

Applications: Satellite Communication

Included in Kit:
1 × 2JDB0803-C104N Development Board
6 × 2JCP3642601a Ceramic Antennas



DEV KIT IRIDIUM Ceramic Thru-Hole Mt Antenna 1616-1627 MHz, 36 x 36mm

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