2J Antennas – 2J 169 MHz ISM-ERMES Antenna


Product Overview

169MHz ISM-ERMES Compact, High-Frequency Surface Mount Fiberglass Antenna

This Antenna offers the utility business industry a viable alternative to higher frequencies for wide range wireless metering within ISM / ERMES / VHF standards. Offering very high frequency and a long distance range , even in crowded urban environments. This antenna can be deployed for longer range applications at relatively low power due to the low frequency of operation. With interchangeable matching components, the 2JE06a can be installed on various PCB board sizes, allowing for implementation in the most constrained spaces.

Key Features:
– Surface Mount
– Easy to Integrate
– Compact Size
– Fiberglass Material
– Ground Plane Dependent

Applications: Telematic – ideal for applications such as smart meters, industrial remote controls, European Radio Message Systems (ERMES), and other Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) band equipment.

Standards: ERMES, ISM, VHF

Frequency: 169.4-169.9MHz

Dimensions: 40 x 7 x 2.4mm



169MHz ISM-ERMES Surface M Antenna


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