Optics and AOTF

Our range of optics and optical components includes Focus Variable Lenses and Laser Speckle Reducers from exciting Swiss company Optotune. Adaptive polymer based optics can provide a smart, low-cost, yet high-quality alternative to traditional optics. Using a liquid polymer, Optotune has developed a range of focus tunable lenses – offering freedom and flexibility to optics designers. Optotune’s LSR series of transmissive laser speckle reducers allows significant speckle reduction in laser systems.

Acousto-Optic devices are used in laser equipment for electronic control of the intensity and position of the laser beam. Brimrose is a world technology leader in the area of Acousto-Optic components. Their product lines include Acousto-Optic Tunable Filters (AOTFs), Acousto Optic Modulators, Acousto Optic Frequency Shifters, Acousto Optic Mode Lockers, Acousto Optic Deflectors, Acousto Optic Cavity Dumpers and Acousto Optic Q-Switches. Driving electronics are also available for all devices.