Ushio manufactures an extensive range of high intensity surface mount and through-hole LEDs, with wavelengths ranging from 365nm to 1750nm, as well as a broadband line-up from 400-1000nm. Ushio offers both low-power 300-350um and high power 1mm/2mm LEDs for the complete 365-1750nm range.

Ushio’s Epitex through-hole range includes 3mm, 4mm and 5mm plastic packaged LEDs. Emission angles range from +/-5 degrees up to +/-40 degrees. High power infrared options are available for applications such as security and number plate capture. Many of the wavelengths may also be supplied in a hermetic metal-can package. A photodiode may also be incorporated for monitoring light output, if desired.

Complementing the range are a number of multi-wavelength devices with a combination of either 2, 3 or 4 wavelengths in both the visible and infra red regions. SWIR is a key product line with the highest output power, for applications including food sorting, hyperspectral imaging, machine vision, optical sorting and solar simulation.

The full range of wavelengths is also available in a surface mount top led package. Emission angles range from a lensed +/- 15 degrees up to +/- 55 degrees. Multichip options (including RGB for full colour emission) are also available. Other options include 7mm infra-red superbeam leds. These devices may be pulsed at a forward current of up to 4A for stable operation and long lifetime.

Applications include industrial automation, kiosk, POS, POI, gaming and medical.

Ushio Laser Diodes for display, sensor/ machine vision, bio-medical, and direct-imaging applications are available from 375-850nm.

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