TT Electronics

TT Electronics is a global provider of engineered electronics for performance critical applications. 

TT solves electronics challenges for a sustainable world. TT benefits from enduring megatrends in structurally high-growth markets including healthcare, aerospace, defence, electrification and automation. TT invests in R&D to create designed-in products where reliability is mission critical. Products designed and manufactured include sensors, power management and connectivity solutions. TT has design and manufacturing facilities in the UK, North America, Sweden and Asia.

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Industrial IoT specialist TT Electronics. In the fast-paced world of IoT, the ability to get your product and IoT deployment to market quickly is critical. Speed to Connect from TT Electronics is an innovative system that enables customers to deploy IoT solutions faster, smarter and more cost effectively than ‘going it alone’. An exciting addition to our industrial IoT solutions line-up, Speed to Connect further enables our team of industry experts to provide end-to-end IoT Solutions from sensor to cloud.

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