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Pulse Electronics is a global leader in design and manufacturing of electronic components. Pulse has been in business for over 70 years with a long history of innovation in power and networking magnetics, current sensing, cable harnesses, power supplies, antennas and connectors. You can find Pulse components in leading products such as autonomous and electric vehicles, industrial networks, connected energy grids, smart meters, security cameras, computing, medical equipment, phones, and planes.

Pulse products are designed to meet some of the toughest industry standards including automotive, aircraft, space, and industrial:

  • Switching Power Magnetics
  • RF & Wireless Magnetics
  • Signal Magnetics (LAN)
  • Signal Magnetics (Telecom Transformers and Chokes)
  • Broadband Access Magnetics: xDSL & HPN
  • Brand Product
  • RF Chip Inductors
  • Antennas
  • Connectors

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Pulse Electronics – Ethernet Transformers

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