LSI Computer Systems, Inc. (LSI/CSI)

LSI Computer Systems, Inc. (LSI/CSI) began operations as the world’s first fabless semiconductor company in 1969. Since its inception, LSI/CSI has been a leader in the design and production of affordable full custom and standard mixed-signal, digital and analog integrated circuits. Using a broad array of process technologies, LSI/CSI has produced ICs that extend from the consumer and industrial marketplace to military and aerospace applications.

The company’s proven expertise and strong reputation have made LSI/CSI the IC provider of choice for leading manufacturers in a broad range of industries. LSI/CSI offers turnkey development of mixed signal, full custom ICs. An LSI/CSI full custom design results in the highest performance custom chip at the lowest possible price for a high volume application. LSI/CSI has the experience to guarantee successful development and production of any full custom IC program. The in-depth involvement of our staff ensures that our full custom ICs are both initially optimized for their application and supported technically throughout their life cycle.

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