IQRF® is a privately-owned Czech technological company focused on development of IQRF® wireless mesh technology.

The original IQRF originator and designer was MICRORISC s.r.o., founded in 2004. In 2017, the newly founded IQRF Tech company took over all activities including the Engineering & Development teams, who are now purely dedicated to IQRF®.

IQRF’s wireless technology is used for small-IoT-data transmission in the non-license band, working in a mesh network enabling coverage over many miles. Low power consumption allows devices to be battery powered; robust and reliable connection technology products will deliver years of trouble-free service. Their products are particularly suited for lighting applications and are already being used in many emergency exit lighting systems and street light deployments.

IQRF Tech is a founding member of IQRF Alliance, a non-profit international association of companies and institutions building up an ecosystem of interoperable wireless devices and solutions based on the IQRF® technology.

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