Bringing the power of 5G to a world of new applications

Inseego Corp. (Nasdaq: INSG) is an industry pioneer in smart device-to-cloud solutions that extend the 5G network edge, enabling broader 5G coverage, multi-gigabit data speeds, low latency and strong security to deliver highly reliable internet access.

Inseego’s innovative mobile broadband and fixed wireless access (FWA) solutions incorporate the most advanced technologies (including 5G, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi 6 and others) into a wide range of products that provide robust connectivity indoors, outdoors and in the harshest industrial environments. Designed and developed in the USA, Inseego products and SaaS solutions build on the company’s patented technologies to provide the highest quality 4G and 5G connectivity for service providers, enterprises, and government entities worldwide.

Mobile Broadband

Inseego 4G and 5G devices — modems, routers and MiFi® mobile hotspots — are trusted by millions of users worldwide, including consumers and remote workers in every industry.

Fixed Wireless Access

Inseego’s new 5G fixed wireless access solutions deliver better home broadband experiences, with much higher speed, greater connectivity and more flexibility than traditional wireline.

Edge Computing

Working with researchers and developers from many different industries, Inseego’s Advanced Technology Group is piloting solutions for real-time responsiveness and control at the “edge” of the network, where ultra-reliable low-latency connections, combined with AI and other technologies, can deliver huge improvements in productivity, safety and more.

Industrial Internet of Things (IoT)

Inseego rugged and reliable Skyus® modems, routers, gateways and Inseego Manage cloud-based solutions are designed for SD-WANs, private networks, remote monitoring, industrial automation and other growing global markets.

Enterprise SaaS

Inseego Ctrack® telematics solution provides real-time visibility and control of fleets, assets and driver behavior, from vehicle tracking to asset monitoring to busines intelligence, helping companies improve on-time performance, safety and operating efficiency.

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