InnoSenT GmbH – High Quality Radar Sensors for Industrial and Automotive Applications

InnoSenT GmbH has been successfully developing and manufacturing high-quality radar sensors since 1999 and is regarded as a technology driver in the industry. We offer the InnoSenT range of distance measurement and security radar modules.

Innovative radar technology is more in demand than ever. For years, radar technology has enriched everyday life through automation and smart solutions. The possible applications for radar sensors are diverse and are constantly evolving.

For InnoSenT, research and development take centre stage and the company is investing in the progress of technology and the development of know-how in a sustainable and conscious manner. In addition to the development of innovative products for the industrial and automotive sectors, InnoSenT is also conducting basic and applied research on radar technology and participating in national and international funding projects. In numerous research projects, InnoSenT is working with leading institutes and universities as well as renowned technology companies from a wide range of industries to find new solutions to current challenges.

At InnoSenT, the promotion of competencies in the field of AI and signal processing currently plays a key role in the optimisation of radar technology. Furthermore, InnoSenT teams are tackling additional fields of research such as autonomous driving, sensor fusion and gesture control.