DMC Co Ltd

DMC aims to engage with customers through the manufacture, sale and support of touch interfaces. In addition to more than 150 standard products of touchscreens and LCD modules, to meet customer requirements, DMC has been involved in close communication with customers from the planning stage and has developed many products suitable for the environment and situation in which they are used. DMC also provides many other technologies and ideas that can enhance the functionality and usability of interfaces and increase the value of customers’ products.

Resistive Touchscreen

Resistive single-touch type detects points touched with fingers or a pen by measuring changes in voltage. It is easy to use, and it features reliable operability. Operation with gloves or pen is possible. In addition to a single-touch type, DMC offers a multi-touch type that expands the range of operability.

Capacitive Touchscreen

Capacitive multi-touch type detects points touched by finger utilizing capacitive couplings generated by touch. It provides excellent operational smoothness, visual clarity, toughness and weatherability. DMC offers multi-touch type screens.

Touchscreen HMI

DMC offers design-oriented customization services with a variety of options such as touch screen sensors and LCDs that can be selected efficiently according to the application, and customizable cover glass. In addition, by unifying the touchscreen controller, DMC proposes the best solution for your needs by standardizing applications.