Our range of optics and optical components includes Focus Variable Lenses and Laser Speckle Reducers from exciting Swiss company Optotune

Adaptive polymer based optics can provide a smart, low-cost, yet high-quality alternative to traditional optics. Using a liquid polymer, Optotune has developed a range of focus tunable lenses – offering freedom and flexibility to optics designers.

By using focus variable lenses, optical systems can thus be designed to be more compact, often with fewer lenses, and usually with less or no translational movement meaning no more need for expensive mechanical actuators. Less movement also leads to a more robust design, which can be completely closed so that no dust can enter.

Optotune’s LSR series of transmissive laser speckle reducers allows significant speckle reduction in laser systems. Optotune’s laser speckle reducer is the ideal choice for application in laser projection displays, beam homogenizers, metrology, microscopy, interferometry and lithography.

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