Laser Range Finding Solutions

Our portfolio of laser range finding components features industrial range finders based on the the time-of-flight principle. They measure the distance to an object by the time it takes for a pulse of light to travel to the object and back to a sensor.

ESPROS TOFRANGE 600 modules are equipped with an LED light source, high frequency electronics and a very light sensitive chip sensor. The detection principle is very power efficient and allows measurements at a high rate. The robust, light weight and cost effective design of TOFRANGE 600 allows it to be used in many industrial indoor and outdoor applications.

Excelitas offers high power pulsed semiconductor laser arrays and APDs which can be used for Range Finding applications.

The LIDAR-Lite range of easily embedded and integrated modules targets the need for high performance, very compact optical distance measurement at a competitive price point. LIDAR-Lite modules are easily configurable sensor modules that can be used as basic building blocks for any application where a very small, low-power, high performance optical ranging sensor is desired, including collision avoidance, presence detection, auto triggering and obstacle detection. LIDAR-Lite is a reliable and powerful ranging and proximity sensor, providing an excellent laser range finding solution for distances to 40m.

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