The ProASIC®3 series of FPGAs, which includes ProASIC3/e, ProASIC3 nano, and ProASIC3L, offers a breakthrough in performance, density, and features for today’s most demanding high-volume applications. ProASIC3 devices support the ARM – Cortex-M1 soft processor IP core, offering the benefits of programmability and time-to-market. The ProASIC3 families are based on nonvolatile flash technology and support 100 to 35K LEs and up to 620 I/Os.

In addition to supporting portable, consumer, industrial, communications and medical applications with commercial and industrial temperature devices, we also offer ProASIC3 FPGAs with specialised screening for automotive and military systems.

ProASIC3 offers automotive grade devices that supports temperature range of grade 1 (Tj=135C) and are AEC-Q100 qualified. The auto grade devices supports 700 to 11K logic elements with up to 144 kbits of SRAM and up to 300 user I/Os.

ProASIC3 offers military grade devices with temperate range of -55°C to 125°C.  The military grade devices supports 3K to 35K logic elements and 32-bit Cortex M1 soft processor implemented in the FPGA. 

ProASIC3 FPGA Licencing

Different FPGA software licence schemes are available to suit your requirements, with a range of included features and validity periods. Find out more here or contact us if you need assistance selecting the right licence for your application.

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