Connecting Smart Motors via the IoT

When Future Motors Limited needed a reliable supplier with in-depth IoT systems knowledge to help develop a smart, connected motor solution, they turned to Solid State Supplies (as Solsta was known at the time).

The IoT provides a way of connecting products and systems intelligently which can lead to smoother operations, improved efficiency and significant cost savings. Our team has extensive experience of planning and implementing bespoke IoT ecosystems and can guide customers through the complex IoT landscape.

Future Motors Limited supplies the Turntide Smart Motor System™ – by replacing wasteful electric motors with energy and operationally efficient ones, the company cuts their customers’ costs and help them reach their carbon targets much more quickly. But Future Motors wanted to go even further and be able to provide an intelligently connected offering to customers which could alert them to potential problems before they happen, reducing servicing time and costs.

Connecting a motor system to a cloud network also means that meaningful data collected from the motors can be communicated to the customer in real time. This allows a company to control their environment better, making more informed decisions about how best to use their resources.

“This was our first collaboration with Solid State Supplies, and we chose them because they’re a pleasure to do business with,” says Rob O’Keeffe, Operations Manager at Future Motors. “Ordering is simple, delivery is efficient, and they’re straight on the case if we encounter any issues. They always provide the help we need to find whatever solution we’re looking for. To put it simply, we wouldn’t have the working solution we do without them. Yes, we already had a revolutionary product, but with Solid State Supplies’ invaluable IoT input, we’ve been able to expand the capabilities of our motors which makes the offering all the more attractive to the customer.”

“It’s about forming a partnership and working well together,” says Andrew Cornwell from Solid State Supplies. “Neither of us could have come up with this solution without the other. Pooling our knowhow and resources has allowed us to create something that thousands of companies — plus the environment — will benefit from.”

This case study was first published in full in Electronic Specifier Design – April 2023

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