Touch-Free Kiosks and Vending Outlets

A low-/no-touch user interface for touch-free kiosks and vending machines has obvious benefits post pandemic, and technology plays a vital role in creating this reality.

Presence, proximity and movement sensors can help to minimise physical contact with a machine, reducing the potential for cross contamination.

Optical, microwave or time-of-flight sensors provide no-touch sensing of receptacles for drinks dispenser mechanisms, to ensure hygiene standards are maintained.

Wireless and cellular technology enable touch-free identification and payment, and in many installations, individual kiosks need their own networks. We have found that experience in a wide range of connectivity solutions is key to selecting the right technology for each site and ensuring the success of an installation. For example, LoRa is long range, low power, and offers great signal penetration in buildings; NB-IOT and CATM1 LTE, with their lower data speed rates, will enable remote devices to connect directly back to a cellular backbone with low power.

As experts in display technology, we are also very aware of the potential rise of low touch/no touch and its implication for the touchscreens and touch displays which have become so prevalent all around us. We offer solutions for all of these technologies, and our experts can advise on their implementation depending on your system requirements.

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